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- MyTVchain 2.0 -


We are truly proud to launch MyTVchain to the world. A digital ecosystem for sports, powered by blockchain technology, MyTVchain gives the most passionate fans a unique experience. We’ve built a one-of-a-kind platform where you can support your passion while earning rewards.

MyTVchain is a decentralised and virtuous ecosystem that combines :

  • An NFT MARKETPLACE with state-of-the-art design that offers a 360° experience for sports fans and NFT enthusiasts, who participate by purchasing and collecting NFT cards, participating in challenges and supporting Olympic Athletes over a decentralized and secure platform.

Find out more in our dedicated NFT explainer (coming soon)

  • A WEB TV PLATFORM, launched 4 years ago on a ‘freemium’ model, MyTVchain has attracted 850+ clubs and sports federations from around the world, including the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (5 millions of viewers). Our Web TV platform already broadcasts more than 100 live streams simultaneously every weekend.

- The $MYTV Token -

More than a utility token. The cornerstone of the ecosystem.

The $MYTV token is a utility token based on the Binance Smart Chain (standard BEP-20) with a total supply of 390.000.000 tokens . At launch, 71% of this total supply was locked in a governed smart contract. Locked tokens are progressively released to reward users through the MyTVchain ecosystem.

#Fan2Earn Concept


$MyTV tokens are used on our Marketplace NFT to :

  • Buy exclusive NFT CARD PACKS to enter the MyTVchain Universe
  • Look for Ultra-Rare Legendary Cards of superstar Athletes
  • 60% of revenues generated by card pack sales are fairly redistributed among each athlete.
  • They earn money thanks to sales. They are supported in their hunt for further glory.
  • Your card’s value increases when they perform well. When they win. You win too.
  • You help athletes to grow. You’re a sponsor and a part of their career.


As pioneers in what we do, we felt that ‘Collect & Play’ to earn wasn’t enough. We have created the perfect and unique way of supporting your athlete by living your passion :

The Fan2Earn

  • NFT owners can resell the cards they’ve collected on the marketplace or to keep their cards to participate in our Fan2earn vision (Q3/Q4 2022).
  • Royalties : 4% of each transaction made on the marketplace are directly paid to the athletes.
  • NFTs buyers and resellers actively contribute to the transaction volume of the marketplace and thus, ensure recurring passive income.


71% of the token supply is locked in a smart-contract whose purpose is to allocate rewards to supporters as they perform specific actions through our ecosystem.

We’re introducing our Watch2Earn vision (Q2/Q3 2022), making our WebTv platform the only place where enjoying sport competitions can actually make you money:

  • Buying services on MyTVchain.com and on our NFT marketplace will be accessible in FIAT (€ / $) and through the $MYTV token. User Experience is at the heart of our concerns and we’re working hard to make MyTVchain mainstream.
  • Earn $MyTV tokens by watching sports competitions from 80+ sports all over the world with our WebTV which is connected to more than 200 European, World and Olympic competitions.
  • Support2Earn : Live historical moments, watch history being made. React, and earn rewards for every video shared. Make your champion shine and get rewarded for your support.


In the future, the $MYTV token will support a multitude of community-governed products (Staking, Farming, Masternodes) which will make it highly valuable over-time.

STAKING : $MYTV holders are able to stake (lock) their tokens for specific timeframes (30d / 90d / 365d) and thus generate passive incomes. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of the sum locked depends on the staking timeframe :

*In the long run, we plan to be progressively decentralised. It means that we want our community being involved in strategic decisions, by community votes. This includes voting for staking APRs to decide for the perfect match between their passive incomes and MyTVchain’s economic mechanisms.

FARMING : $MYTV holders are actively contributing to the functioning of our Decentralised Exchange (DEX) by providing liquidity through LP tokens. They’re rewarded directly from the token reserve.

Farming APR evolves depending on the amount of LP tokens staked in liquidity pools, as follow :

*APRs shown above are estimates with an error margin of about 5%. Also, you may notice that it is impossible to reach 100% of the circulating supply staked in liquidity pools, the average being generally near 30 to 40%.

MASTERNODE : $MYTV holders can participate in MyTVchain’s “Decentralised Video System” by creating their own node to share bandwidth and storage capabilities. They get rewarded for their contribution to ensure the scalability of our network.

Note : A thorough technical study must be made on this subject, we plan to integrate decentralised masternodes by mid-2022.

ON-CHAIN GOVERNANCE : Decentralisation is anchored in our DNA. In the long run, MyTV’s community will be able to vote on proposals and key decisions such as rewards distribution, staking model and the allocation of funds to finance amateur sport.

Note : To ensure project evolution in the long run, the decentralisation of our network will be progressive over-time, step by step. Decentralisation is at the heart of our concerns and we plan to be fully decentralised over 2023.


MYTV’s tokenomics are designed to increase in value over-time through supply rarefaction mechanisms. Concretely, a part of fees and revenues are burnt to reduce the circulating supply :

  • Initial sales of NFT packs : 5% of earnings generated are burnt.
  • NFT resell on the marketplace : 0.25% fees of each transaction are burnt.

When the transaction volume on the marketplace increases, it increases the volume of $MYTV tokens burnt. This reduces the total supply of tokens and ultimately increases its value.

BUY-BACK : A percentage of MyTVchain’s revenues is used to buy-back $MYTV tokens on the market and abound the reserve. The first percentage will be fixed at launch and calculated based on products and services margins.


WEBSITE : https://mytvchain.io/

DISCORD : https://discord.gg/R3B64YGz8Y

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/MyTVchain

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