The MyTVchain Revolution: Introducing the NFT Marketplace

3 min readJan 11, 2022

The game-changing sports WebTV platform just got better with its state of the art NFT marketplace

Having launched the MyTVchain WebTV platform to the world we are proud to roll out its next set of features. Apart from a digital sports ecosystem, powered by blockchain technology, MyTVchain’s platform will now host a 360° NFT marketplace with exciting tradeable card collections.

Our mission is to develop a comprehensive sports ecosystem, where all the participants engage with athletes as well as fellow community members. With MyTVChain, you don’t just get to watch and support your favorite athletes, but also participate in their success directly.

A thrilling digital fan experience

Making money from watching your favorite sport never felt so good. We realised that the ‘Collect & Play’ model to earn wasn’t enough. So we created the perfect way of supporting your athlete and getting rewarded for it :

The Fan2Earn model

  1. Begin your journey with your first collectible card pack. Buy a pack, open it, discover your champions and enter the MyTVchain universe.
  2. In your pack, you will find unique interactive NFT cards of your favorite champions. These collections have been specially curated to help you relive the euphoria of the most legendary moments in the history of your favorite teams and athletes.
  3. Look out for ultra-rare Legendary cards of superstar athletes with VFX signatures and backgrounds designed by our Sports Graphic Design teams.
  4. Collect cards on the marketplace by redeeming them from other fans to participate in challenges and earn rewards, $MyTV tokens and other exclusive memorabilia.
  5. And like always, earn as your favourites succeed, the heart and soul of the Fan2Earn model.

You’re no longer just a spectator, you’re on the pitch too. You’re no longer just cheering your favourite sportspersons on, you’re actually helping them reach new heights of greatness and recognition. Earning while watching and enjoying your favorite sports is the next generation medium of interacting with the world of sports.


NFTs — A new means of financing for sports players.

NFTs have burst onto the DeFi scene with unprecedented gains in just 2021. The market has exploded during the year and was expected to make $17 billion in 2021. It ended up making $23 billion.

Artists, celebrities (even Snoop Dogg), gaming companies, auction houses and concerts have moved to the NFT rush, and we don’t plan on missing that action ourselves.

The total sports market worldwide was worth $388bn in 2020, reached $440bn in 2021 and is expected to reach $600bn by 2025 (Research and Markets). While this wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few conglomerates, we are here to change the game.

How 360° works

Sports clubs, athletes and federations can mint their original NFTs on MyTVchain’s platform, offering them an avenue of support through original work. 60% of the revenue from the initial sale of every NFT goes to the creator, while 40% goes to MyTVchain.

Additionally, the original creator also receives 4% of every sale on the NFT Marketplace. Let your fandom show through your vision, and let us take care of the rest.

About MyTVchain

MyTVchain is a free and decentralized web telecast platform where fans, clubs and athletes interact with each other directly, participating in live telecasts, challenges, giveaways and a suite of DeFi services backed by a platform utility token and an NFT marketplace.

Our ‘Fan2Earn’ model incentivises sports enthusiasts to back their favourites directly, while earning rewards from their success.





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