The 2004 World Rally Championship: The Birth of a Champion

Look back to an exciting year in motorsport history..

That year, the world discovered a young boy with unlimited driving talent and a will to push harden than anybody else and establish new records.

The birth of a Champion

Sebastien Loeb’s first WRC season came with all the drama and adrenaline rush worthy of a legendary victory.

Having joined Citroën Total World Rally Team in 2002, and having finished as a runner-up in the 2003 season, finishing just one point behind Petter Solberg, Loeb was primed for success for a third running season with the same team.

From Monte Carlo to Australia

Despite being known popularly as a tarmac specialist, Loeb also proved to be a winner on other surfaces this season, winning the Swedish snow rally and the Turkish gravel rally.

Winning the fight against Petter Solberg

A momentous victory and one for the history books.

The beginning of an amazing journey

Love, determination and courage

We could not be prouder to have anyone else partner with us for our first NFT collection, a proven winner, a legend, and a pioneer willing to risk it all.

His values match our vision and dreams.

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