Sebastien Loeb NFT — The Premium collection.

Sebastien Loeb NFT — Premium

“The First”

A collection of 2004 unique NFTs combining real video highlights, 3D technology.

It’s all about rarity.

The collection is divided into four classifications, each with their own advantages and perks. There are four tiers of MYTV NFTs, based on rarity, ranging from the collectible Core tier to the ultra-sacred Mythical tier.

  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

A collection of 2004 unique NFTs

The premium collection contains 2004 NFT Premium Series cards to pay tribute to the first 2004 title of the greatest Rally pilot of all time: Sebastien Loeb.

1927 Legendary, Rare, and Core NFTs.


  • Rare: 636 (32%)
  • Legendary: 116 (5,7%)
The 4 rarity tiers

16 levels of Rally

16 Rallys to enter the legend

6 levels of Gears (Speed)

6 levels of Gear

4 levels of Revolutions per minute (RPM):

4 levels of Revolution per Minute

5 levels of Turbo

5 levels of Turbo

Only 77 mythical NFTs

The biggest number of Mythical tier NFTs a collection will ever have. That’s the first, and we had to celebrate.

Utility of the collection.

Win the kind of stuff money can’t buy, a moment with a legend you will never forget.

Our first collection of NFT featured 9 times Worlds Champion of Rally Sebastien is more than just an NFT collection. This is a ticket to a real fan experience with your champion.

You have watched him push the limit of speed so many times on TV. What if you could share the seat of a real rally car with him?

Premium collection — Prizes details.

Keep your prize, or trade it on the marketplace.

Each NFT holder will automatically participate in the prize lottery. The winners of the lottery will receive an NFT of the prize directly in their wallets.

Your new family.

We are the most exclusive Web3 Sports Fan Community. Each NFT is also a pass to enter the MyTVchain Universe, for now, and forever. A magical world for True Sports Fans, where living your passion can make you a living.

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