Sebastien Loeb NFT — The Premium collection.

Sebastien Loeb NFT — Premium

“The First”

It’s all about rarity.

  • Core
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

A collection of 2004 unique NFTs

1927 Legendary, Rare, and Core NFTs.

  • Core: 1175 (58%)
  • Rare: 636 (32%)
  • Legendary: 116 (5,7%)
The 4 rarity tiers

16 levels of Rally

16 Rallys to enter the legend

6 levels of Gears (Speed)

6 levels of Gear

4 levels of Revolutions per minute (RPM):

4 levels of Revolution per Minute

5 levels of Turbo

5 levels of Turbo

Only 77 mythical NFTs

Utility of the collection.

Our first collection of NFT featured 9 times Worlds Champion of Rally Sebastien is more than just an NFT collection. This is a ticket to a real fan experience with your champion.

Premium collection — Prizes details.

Keep your prize, or trade it on the marketplace.

Your new family.

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