NFT Collections: The Tier System Explained.

With every NFT collection we release, we don’t just create a special moment between fans and their favorite sports: the rush and tingle through your spine as you unpack a memory in sports history, we intend to create an artistic asset that can also give ten times the return on its resale. Which is why it’s important to understand how these cards work.

The 4 rarity tiers

We have something for every fan. Our NFT cards are divided into four tiers, each of which comes with its own set of privileges and rewards. The four tiers are as follows:

Core: These represent around 70% of the collection, with beautiful state-of-the-art graphics and unique moments. These make up the bulk.

Rare: These are about 30% of the entire collection

Legendary: These are more rare, and accordingly more valuable to own, these make up about 5% of the collection.

Mythical: The rarest of them all. Only a handful of these come with every collection and give their holders access to unique once in a lifetime opportunities and perks.

Core / Rare / Legendary / Mythical

For true fans only

Each of these cards unlocks rare privileges for the most hardcore sports fans. If you share the passion and the love of sport, you will get your hands on one of these next-generation NFTs. They reward you in wealth and prestige. The Mythical range of NFTs are usually procured by real sports enthusiasts, who live and breathe the game.

Hold or trade, you decide

Each of these cards has the ability to multiply your investment tenfold, if not more. You can cherish them as memories, or trade them or even sell them on our secondary market. The MyTVchain NFT marketplace is the world’s first of its kind platform that endorses an exchange of the world’s most cherished sports moments.

First collection : Sebastien Loeb

Our first collection will feature nine-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb, who’s legendary career will be converted into 2004 unique NFTs for “The First”, our debut collection. Make sure you sign up for our first private sale, to stand a chance to own one of these beauties.

Dream bigger.

We empower sports fans to dream, to use their drive to support favorite legends. All this, while earning and winning rewards from their NFT holdings. We have created the perfect system for incentivizing sports NFTs.

A family of sports nuts.

Not just this. You get to join a global community of fans that are dedicated to sports. Join this virtual stadium and make connections from across the globe. Exchange your experiences and share the love.

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