MyTVchain: What an NFT Card Collection Looks Like

4 min readJan 13, 2022


Teasing what the ultra-rare legendary card collections will feature

No sports-fan ever spent their childhood not marvelling at the collectible card packs of their favourite athletes- all their power, athleticism and glamour on one card. With MyTVchain’s NFT collectible card packs, we’re doing the same thing, only this time, you end up directly supporting your favourite legends.

MyTVchain is the world’s first sports WebTV platform integrated within blockchain architectures with the mission of democratising the returns of streaming rights to athletes, clubs and federations. The platform is fully powered with a state of the art NFT marketplace.

MyTVchain’s 360° NFT Marketplace offers legendary card packs that can be bought/sold and traded among platform users. Our optics allow athletes and clubs to customise their NFT collections to their needs and vision.

These cards include exciting and attractive images and graphics, that are customised by their creators, and can be traded on our primary/secondary markets and even held as assets that appreciate in value.

Here’s what a sample collection can look like:

(fictional card for sample display)

These cards will immortalise some of your favourite athletes in moments of history in sports.

Never miss a beat with these exciting designs in your collections. What’s better? From each purchase you make, a part of the revenue goes to the athlete, actually supporting their cause.

The longer you hold onto a collection, and the more your stars succeed, the higher the value of your card/collection goes. Then these cards can be resold on our secondary market. Imagine winning on and off the pitch at the same time.

The value of a card

(fictional card for sample display)

The attributes that determine the value of a card are as follows:


Card’s frames are based on Olympics medals colors with different levels of rarity:

  • Chocolate
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond


Card’s backgrounds are an integral part of cards value with 2 kind of backgrounds :

  • Colorful sports-inspired design
  • Olympic Cities (Sydney / Athens / …. / Paris 2024)


Olympic values that matter to athletes are integrated into the cards, with different levels of rarity (in the order of their value).

  • Excellence
  • Fairplay
  • Respect
  • …..


In order to allow well-known athletes to mark their seal in history, some cards have a badge representing their awards list (medals they’ve won) :

  • National Medalist (NM)
  • European Medalist (EM)
  • World Medalist (WM)
  • World Champion (WC)
  • Olympic Champion (OC)

All rarity percentages will be announced at the launch of the first collection.

Full scope of the NFT marketplace

We will keep upgrading and upscaling the defining characteristics of our NFT card collections. More exclusive symbols, autographs (gold/diamond/VFX signatures), rare logos, historic images and so much more...

We also plan to enable to creation and sale of original NFTs for specialised purposes:

  • Collector NFTs : These limited edition collections will include defining moments of athletes’ lives and careers, these include but are not limited to photos, videos and even audio files).
  • Events / pre-sales : Sale of autographed jerseys, accessories, equipment, or even tickets for interactive once in a lifetime events, all accompanied by a unique NFT that can be collected and can be resold later.
  • Fan2Earn Vision (Q3/Q4 2022) : We wish to put all the actors of the sports world on the same level and to create a unique platform where you can enjoy your passion while earning rewards.

About MyTVchain

MyTVchain is a free and decentralized web telecast platform where fans, clubs and athletes interact with each other directly, participating in live telecasts, challenges, giveaways and a suite of DeFi services backed by a platform utility token and an NFT marketplace.

Our ‘Fan2Earn’ model incentivises sports enthusiasts to back their favourites directly, while earning rewards from their success.






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