MyTVchain: The ‘Fan2Earn’ Experience

3 min readJan 17, 2022


The next-gen Web 3.0 solution for the sports universe explains its driving philosophy

We created MyTVchain because the world of sports, its distribution of rewards and its engagement of its fans is still incomplete for us. We are here to change that world forever. As we lead up to our ICO, we wanted to introduce our core mission to the community.

MyTVchain is the world’s first WebTV platform for sports that leverages blockchain technology to optimize fan-athlete interaction and participation. The native $MYTV token (BEP-20) is used to reward fans for their loyalty and athletes, clubs and federations for their successes on the pitch.

The problem

In a $160 billion plus industry the sports bodies and athletes have been left far behind. While multimedia corporations are racking up insane amounts of cash flow, talented athletes till-date struggle to fund their own competitions.

We have found that the revenue model of the global sports ecosystem is skewed. While streaming giants make the big bucks, the players, their teams and federations receive very little, despite doing the heavy lifting.

Moreover, fans participation has been reduced to just paying spectators, and consumers. The element of passion and devotion risks getting eliminated from sports if we don’t do anything soon.


With the #Fan2Earn model.

For each athlete, team or sports federation, their WebTV is not just a customised telecasting platform, it is also a means of earning income.

The #Fan2Earn concept can be broken down to its four fundamentals:

Collect2Earn: NFT card collectibles may become rare and extremely valuable with consistent successes of the respective team/athlete. Watch your card’s value grow as you celebrate your favourites’ victories on the pitch. Meanwhile the resale value of your card multiplies.

Play2Earn: NFT cards appreciate in value as the athlete or team it belongs to succeeds on the field. They give rewards to their holders that can be redeemed in the form of goods and services

Watch2Earn: Engagement via watching videos, streaming, participating in challenges and competitions come with direct rewards for our users. These include incentives and $MYTV tokens automatically deposited in their wallets.

Support2Earn: 60% of the initial NFT sale goes to the original creator as revenue, as well as 4% of the sales on the 360° NFT marketplace. Our mission is to empower athletes to earn the rewards of their hard work and toil.

With #Fan2Earn we have taken the values of the pitch and brought them directly to you, the fans. Feel the adrenaline rush, the pressure and the unbridled joy of your favourite sportspersons vying to write their names into history. Only this time. You too, have a role to play.

About MyTVchain

MyTVchain is a free and decentralized web telecast platform where fans, clubs, and athletes interact with each other directly, participating in live telecasts, challenges, giveaways and a suite of Defi services backed by a platform utility token and an NFT marketplace.

Its‘Fan2Earn’ model prioritises sports enthusiasts to back their favourites directly while earning rewards from their success.






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