FAQ 🇬🇧


Who uses MyTVchain today?

What is the business model of the platform?

For you, is Socios a competitor, a potential partner, or a completely different niche?

How do you see the wider competition? What would happen if giants were to tokenize? (Twitch, YouTube, …)

Why use the Blockchain?

What about ownership of the content on MyTVchain?

Can we talk about an Olympic Games rumor, or is it too early?

Will there be esports on the platform?

Is there or will there be technical support for clubs, federations, etc. to create their content or will they have to use their own means to film, etc.?

Does MYTV also think about companies? For example, outdoor sports companies create a lot of video content.

How can I create a WebTV?


What is the MyTV token?

What is staking on MyTVchain?

What are the risks of staking?

How is the relationship “Increase in the number of views => appreciation of the token” verified?

How will you motivate clubs to use MyTV tokens instead of FIAT?


How does the migration work?

When does the migration take place?

Where will the MyTV token be listed?

What will happen to the ERC-20 MyTV token?

I have MasterNodes today, what will happen to them? What about my rewards?

Is it a definitive goodbye to decentralization on masternodes/servers outside MyTVChain for video storage and delivery?

Do you plan to be cross-chain?

Why choose the Binance Smart Chain?

Welcome to a free, sustainable, and collaborative Web TV platform for sports & esports powered by its native digital currency: the MyTV token.