How MyTVchain Pushes the Envelope in the Sports Industry

3 min readJan 25, 2022


Can a Web3 solution devise the next-gen solution for sports streaming ?

The world of sports streaming across the planet has long been in need of an update. Live telecasts brought us closer to the action, witnessing it as it happens. OTT platforms brought the world’s favourite sports to more households than ever.

With MyTVchain, we hope to create the world’s first democratized ‘Fan2Earn’ platform. Where each athlete/team’s real time performance will reward our users — harnessing blockchain technology, we are looking to push out the next generation of watching sports: winning with your favourites.

With our ICO coming soon, we couldn’t help but share some of our excitement for all we have in store for you.

The Problem

The giant $160 billion industry is pocketed by just a few big organizations today. More networks mean more money for them. Sports federations do not receive their deserved part of the earnings, and as a result, athletes need to look for external funding.

Is this how our champions, the pinnacles of human strength and ability, be treated?

The world of fandom is restricted to cheers and songs sung at stadiums. It’s a surprise that we haven’t leveraged the sea of technology available to us for making sports more immersive for fans as well as its athletes and teams.

The MyTVchain disruption

We are toeing the line for a more digitised and engaging platform. One that creates a powerful ecosystem, using blockchain architectures, an NFT marketplace and a powerful and interactive WebTV service.


Each team/athlete/federation can customise their WebTV to their needs and execute their unique ideas to perfection. They keep the profits from their respective channels and from advertising revenue.

360° NFT Marketplace

Our marketplace holds exclusive card collections; each carrying a unique image of an athlete/team, special moments from their careers, and some limited edition collections will also have historic moments in sports history. The value of these collections also change depending on the performances of the athlete/team in question. They can be resold on the secondary market.

$MYTV Token

The BEP-20 token is native to our platform. It is used for all exchanges and trades across MyTVchain and will also be given as a reward to our most loyal and active users.

The Fan2Earn vision

Our dream is to put all the fans of sports and its legends back together, without any intermediaries. Our strength is in the idea that as a fan, you not only issue your undying loyalty to your favourites, but also earn as they succeed.

Fans have never felt this close to their idols and heroes before, and by simply joining our platform, and sharing the passion, you could join them on their journey into the history books.

The future

It doesn’t stop here, we plan to fit staking/farming protocols for the $MYTV token to help our users multiply their earnings. We are aiming for the stars, with some exciting top grade sportspersons lined up as partners for our future. We have planned some massive listings for our token.

Think bigger, think more competitive, think MyTVchain: synonymous with victory.


MyTVchain is a free and decentralized web telecast platform where fans, clubs, and athletes interact with each other directly, participating in live telecasts, challenges, giveaways and a suite of Defi services backed by a platform utility token and an NFT marketplace.

Its‘Fan2Earn’ model prioritises sports enthusiasts to back their favourites directly while earning rewards from their success.










Connecting athletes and fans through streaming and blockchain tech. #SportTech