FAN2EARN v0 Launch

6 min readMar 8, 2022

The Sports Fan Revolution of the Web3


MyTVchain is the one-stop shop for the universe of sports.

Watching a game on TV is not passionate enough for real fans.

Fans today need immersion, they need to feel a part of the game, therefore we have brought the fan experience to Web 3.

Imagine an ecosystem that will make you travel into a crowded and heated stadium with your friends, even if you are alone at home. That’s what MyTVchain’s ‘Fan2Earn’ seeks to achieve.

Fan2Earn is the only concept where real fans are rewarded with MYTV tokens, BUSD, NFT Whitelists, Legendary NFTs, and more… while supporting their favorite athletes and teams.

Moreover, Not only will fans collect rewards and valuable prizes, they will also savour historic memories in sport! Do not forget a true fan is always rewarded with something big!

Our contests and events are conducted in a Discord community we call :

“The Stadium”, because that’s where the games are played and the magic happens.

Every two days, we support a game together in The Stadium.

You will meet your new family: passionate people from all over the world that will watch and support games with you.

Because of daily obligations, hard work, spending time with your family, you rarely have the free time to watch a great sports game with your loved ones.

Sports are not an option,

it is part of our lives since it reminds us of joy, unforgettable moments, and many emotions such as drama, tension, goosebumps, even sometimes nostalgia.

However, passion is only real when it is shared.

With ‘Fan2Earn’, we use all the tools of the Web3 to create a strong community of sports lovers. As the project goes on, the Stadium will gain new functionalities and you will get closer to the community..

When “The Stadium” opens, all the other channels on Discord are closed, so that people in the community are all invited to come and live sport altogether!

Each game comes with a story.

Every two days, the Event Manager will inform you about the story behind the game you are about to support, and the champions you need to watch out for, therefore your fan experience is more intense and immersive.

With our sports community, you will raise your fandom to another dimension…


All MYTV members are invited to come and support the sports competition we have chosen, in The Stadium every day.

In The Stadium, you will support your favorite athletes and team, but you will also discover new ones to love as other members share their passion.

That’s the beauty of the community, you will always learn from others.

Each day, fans will watch the game in The Stadium with their friends of the community but also participate in contests and challenges to win WL, tokens, money, and extraordinary prizes.

The Stadium is composed of 5 channels :

- #Fan-Experience : General conversation about the event.

- #Fan-Bets: Bet to win (or lose) XP !

- #Fan-Challenge: Attend the events and give visibility to the Fan2Earn concept.

- #Fan-Refreshmentstand: Meet up with friends at half time.

- #Fan-Vocal: Where the games are broadcasted (in v0) and discuss with your friends in voice chat.

Each channel has its unique importance. You can choose to follow the game on the #fan-vocal, or write your comments on the #fan-experience. It’s up to you, as long as you are living the moment with us.


The Fan2Earn concept is linked with a Seasonal Leaderboard that will last 2 months.

Every 2 months, at the end of each Fan Season, the leaderboard will be reset and the winner will be rewarded.

Each season, you will be able to gain Fan Medals that will give you exclusive advantages and that you will keep forever.

Win XP into the Stadium and climb the MYTV Fan Stadium Ranking :

  • 🍫S1 — Choco / Level 6–1.000xp
  • 🥉S1 — Bronze / Level 9 — 3.400xp
  • 🥈S1 — Silver / Level 17 — 16.700xp
  • 🥇S1 — Gold / Level 26 — 46.700xp
  • 💎S1 — Diamond / Level 34– 100.000xp
  • 🏆S1 — Legendary Fan / Level 39– 140.000xp
  • 🎟️S1 — True Fan / Level 47– 233.400xp


In the Stadium, there is one rule: The bigger the fan, the greater the gain.

This means the more you will be active to show your support and your enthusiasm, the more you will earn.

Every two days, as the game starts, you will be able to enjoy a nice game with all your friends, but also to EARN.

Here is the cool stuff you are going to earn into The Stadium

  • Tokens ($MYTV, BUSD, BNB)
  • Whitelist for the next NFT collections
  • NFT Airdrop
  • Access to exclusive staking pools (in a V2 Version)
  • Exclusive advantages on the MYTV ecosystem
  • “Fan Star Prize” (to be announced)

The Fan Star Prize is a very special prize, as it’s the kind of reward money can’t buy. Imagine playing soccer with your favorite football player in an empty stadium, or watching the Champions League final, a few meters away from the players, and getting the chance to talk to them at the Halftime Show…


Every two days, there will be something to earn into THE STADIUM.

As we said, the more you will support, the more you will be able to grab prizes like tokens ($MYTV, BUSD), Whitelists, NFTs, or crazy real-life sports experiences.

There are four ways to earn into The Stadium:

  1. Gain XP** and climb the fan ladder (**see below how to win XP)
  2. Invite all your friends to join the community
  3. Just be here, enjoy the game, and hope you will get lucky
  4. Make yourself notice, and gain the MVF trophy of the day

To win those prizes, you need to be active, participate in the challenge, and gain XP.

Remember, every two days. This means the fewer people are here to watch the game, the more chances you have to win the MVF Trophy. We also want to reward fans that support less mediatic sports.

**Here are all the actions you can do to win XP :

  • You will gain XP each time your write something into the stadium, so let your passion and your enthusiasm hype other fans as you comment the game and set the channel on fire.
  • Make a lot of noise and get rewarded by the “Stadium Manager” to earn the “MVF trophy” (Most Valuable Fan of the day)
  • Before each game, you can participate in #Fan-Bets. Guess the outcome of the game, bet your XP to climb the fan ladder faster than everyone else. Be careful, it’s a bet, which you will loose your XP if you are not right !!
  • At halftime, participate in the #fan-challenges with “CoachT” to gain XP
  • At the end of the game, the stadium manager will chose a fan and give him the MVF trophy

👉 MVF Trophy = Next NFT collection whitelist spot for the Fan2Earn phase !

Each time you win XP, you will climb the MYTV Fan Stadium Ranking.

At the end of the season, we organize the Fan Lottery to award the Fan Star Prize, containing a ticket for a once-in-a-lifetime sports experience.

The more XP you have, the more chance to win the Fan Star Prize !!(check below)


For this SEASON 1, we decided to organize a big lottery with a special way of working.

To participate in this lottery, all you have to do is participate in ‘Fan2Earn’ on the discord server. The more XP you win, the more tickets you will get.

The number of tickets you get is determined by your Medal at the end of the Season:

  • 🍫S1 — Choco / 1 lottery ticket
  • 🥉S1 — Bronze / 2 lottery tickets
  • 🥈S1 — Silver / 4 lottery tickets
  • 🥇S1 — Gold / 8 lottery tickets
  • 💎S1 — Diamond / 16 lottery tickets and 1 whitelist
  • 🏆S1 — Legendary Fan / 32 lottery tickets and 1 whitelist
  • 🎟️S1 — True Fan / 64 tickets and 1 NFT (Fan Series)

Whitelist and NFT are related to the NFT collection that will be released at the end of the season. For Season 1, the NFT collection is Sébastien Loeb: “The First”.

👉 For example, if you have Diamond Medals you have automatically 16 tickets for the lottery and 1 Whitelist (WL).

At the end of Season 1 (2 months), there will be a big ceremony with the drawing of lots and the announcement of the winners.

What’s a big ceremony without a bumper prize?!

For this first Season of MYTV ‘Fan2Earn’ and for this new experience, MyTVchain will give away…………………

👉Tickets for the biggest soccer competition final in the world! (To be announced)


SEASON 1 starting on 08–03–2022 for 2 MONTHS !





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